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Laura Mackie | Key Momentum Mortgages Ltd. Langley Mortgage Broker
Langley Mortgage Broker Expert | Laura Mackie and Key Momentum Mortgages ltd.

Why you need to work with Key Momentum Mortgages Ltd. and Laura Mackie, your expert Langley mortgage broker, for all mortgage and alternative financing services:

Laura Mackie 2022 Mortgage Architects Gold ClubAt Key Momentum Mortgages Ltd., Laura Mackie easily and effortlessly provide outstanding mortgage services to the community, guided by her core values of integrity, positivity, professionalism, and exceptional client service. Laura experiences joy each day knowing that what she's doing is being of service to others.

Fastest and lowest cost mortgages available anywhere

A life dedicated to helping individuals get mortgages

Turned away by a bank? I will get you approved.

Licensed with the largest mortgage brokerage network

Embrace mortgages for everyone and every unique situation

Integrity, positivity, professionalism, and exceptional client service

Kristen Martin
Kristen Martin
Laura is the very best! I have done three mortgages with her in the last 8 years and I am amazed by what she can do. I can 100% recommend her!
Shanon Kelley
Shanon Kelley
Laura is terrific. I have never had a bad experience or anything close to it. As a realtor, it feels so good to be able to trust who you send your valued clients to, knowing they are in skilled hands. I absolutely recommend using Laura's services to anyone who enjoys on the ball actions and communication and wants the best deal possible for them, you won't be disappointed.
Shannon Potts
Shannon Potts
I cannot say enough good things about Laura! My situation was very delicate and she took the time with me and explained the whole process of getting a mortgage on my own. From the very beginning, she answered emails and text messages in such a way that showed she actually cared. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Such a fantastic mortgage broker! ❤️
Joan Barski
Joan Barski
I don’t usually write reviews but I know that Laura deserves it. Laura was a rockstar. She is very professional and kept me informed during each step. She followed up with the notary and lawyer to make sure everything was going forward as planned and included me in all their correspondence. I highly recommend her!
Matt Abbrusci
Matt Abbrusci
Laura was extremely helpful, informative & professional throughout the whole process of selling & then buying our new home. Highly recommend!
peggy jones
peggy jones
I had the very pleasant experience of working with Laura and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She went above and beyond the call of duty to help secure the best financing available to me and I really appreciate the immediate communication she provided with all aspects of this experience She is polite, informative and professional . She works hard for her customers, you would not be disappointed to have her on your team. Thanks Laura!
Deepak K
Deepak K
Laura and her team did a great job in taking time answering all our questions as a first time home buyer. Laura's suggestions helped us select right mortgage product for the current market and working with her was amazing every time we had interaction. Highly recommend Laura as trusted mortgage specialist! Thanks Laura!!
susan clyne
susan clyne
Laura assisted us through a difficult process. She was patient, kind, extremely knowledgeable and persistent, helping the process go as smoothly as possible. We really appreciate Laura and her team!
Sarah Little
Sarah Little
Laura went above and beyond for me. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my homeowner goal without her help. I am forever grateful!!!!
Mary Courtenay
Mary Courtenay
I haven’t needed a mortgage in a very long time and doing it over the phone seemed daunting but Laura took care of everything with ease and was very patient and professional walking me thru each step. She explained every detail, got a great rate and terms that work well for my situation. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone needing her services!

As your leading Langley mortgage broker and alternative financing solutions company, it's our job to be the go-between between you and a mortgage lender. We make sure that you know all the products available to you, and are equipped with the knowledge to make the best decisions for you and your family.

  • Mortgages Canada (West Coast to East Coast)
  • Reverse Mortgages (55+)
  • Getting A Second Mortgage
  • Specialized Private Lender Solutions
  • Alternative Lending Solutions
  • Debt Consolidation Mortgages
  • Separation and Divorce Mortgages
  • Business For Self Mortgages
  • Construction Mortgages
  • B and Alternative Lenders
  • Equity Line of Credit
  • Credit Repair Program
  • First-time Home Buyer Mortgages
  • First and Second Home Purchase Mortgages
  • First and Second Home Mortgage Refinances

Key Momentum Mortgages Ltd. is proud to be assocciated and accredited with the following professional organizations:

Educational advice is paramount for the success of our client’s financial goals. Our team makes the extra effort to ensure the mortgage financing journey is highly educational with each and every conversation throughout the process. Our clients always understand the “why” behind our advice and mortgage strategy. Educating Canadians in mortgage financing and real estate goes deeper than just our mortgage service.

Specializing in Alternative Lending, Divorce, Reverse Mortgages, Business For Self-Mortgage, and Refinances. Our mission at Key Momentum Mortgages Ltd. is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your mortgage or financing journey as the Langley mortgage broker with your best interests at heart. We put your needs first, serving you to ensure the process is successful.

Step 1: Getting to Know You

Step 1: Getting to Know You

Our process is simple and clear. Investing just minutes of your time will allow us to invest hours in helping you achieve your financial goals.

Step 2: Create Your Mortgage Plan

Step 2: Create Your Mortgage Plan

You have options, yet options mean nothing without a plan. Your advisor will build a plan to set you up for success. Our lender comparison report will make the mortgage decision simple.

Step 3: Close the Deal

Step 3: Close the Deal

Our team of mortgage professionals manages the final steps of completing your mortgage. Capped off with the digital signing package where you have the option to sign from the comfort of your home.

Step 4: We’re Here to Serve You

Step 4: We’re Here to Serve You

It’s time to move in and we like to think our job is just getting started. We stay by your side for the lifetime of your mortgage.

Langley mortgage broker Laura Mackie from Key Momentum Mortgages Ltd.


Key Momentum Mortgages Ltd. and Laura Mackie, your leading Langley mortgage broker and specialist, has developed excellent relationships with many lenders across the country. Let's figure out which one has the best product for you. 


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As a leading Langley mortgage broker, Key Momentum Mortgages Ltd. specializes in alternative mortgage lending options for purchases and refinances as well as mortgage financing for those who have been divorced and/or are self-employed. Whatever your need or situation, The Key Momentum Mortgages’ Team is here to serve you and get you a guaranteed mortgage approval